Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dalek-Inspired Gloves

A few months ago, I saw a pattern for an awesome pair of knitted Dalek fingerless gloves (which you can find here).  Being a big Doctor Who fan, I thought they were awesome, as I said.  However, I really don't like knitting.  In the last five years, I think I've only knitted two things - a replacement pair of gloves for a colleague who lost one of her favourites (for which I got paid), and the platinum square of the knitted periodic table (I'm doing a PhD in chemistry, working with Pt.  I had to do it!).  I'm also planning on making some knee-high Doctor Who socks in the next couple of months.  It takes something special like my love of both knee-high socks and Doctor Who to out weigh my loathing of knitting.

Given this, I decided to try and make a crochet version for a friend's birthday present.  You can see the finished results below.  The wrist has a series of 3D "Dalek bumps", while the hand has slightly raised ridges like the bottom of the helmet.

The pattern is available both at my etsy store, or on Ravelry.  The pattern is of intermediate difficulty, and is for medium/large women's sized gloves, with instructions to make smaller and larger sizes.  I also have a couple of already made pairs on etsy, and am happy to do custom orders.

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