Sunday, October 9, 2011

Molecular Tea Cosy

About six months ago (maybe more, this year has gone so fast!), I came up with the idea of making a tea cosy embroidered with some of the molecules in tea.  After a few stops and starts and side projects (laptop sleeve, hats that look like strawberries, assorted cute thinks like robots, zebras and german shepherds, a sweater that I'm never going to finish...), I've finally finished it!

I can't remember what the stitch the tea cosy is worked in is called.  It's some sort of variation on double crochet that gives a nice slant that helps with the embroidering of the hexagons.  It's surprisingly difficult to get a proper run down of the molecules in tea, but after some digging I found (and have since lost) a couple of documents that had some structures.  I was quite limited in what I could use because due to size constraints, but I managed to fit a representative range.  The molecules are:

 Gallic acid on the top flap (top photo)

Hesperetin (a flavanone)

Caffeine (awesome)

Quercetin (also a flavanone)

Theanine (an amino acid)

There are also a number of water molecules in prime hydrogen bonding positions (yes, I'm a nerd).